I’ve decided to start version controlling my projects. At my previous job we used GIT alongside Beanstalk. This worked really well, the way Beanstalk handled deployments was great.

Now that I’m freelancing I’ve been looking into other options too. It seems the Github is a very popular choice, and their prices are very competitive compared to Beanstalk, especially as it’s likely it will just be me needing access to the repositories.

Now, one difference between Github and Beanstalk is that Github doesn’t have an interface for deploying. This is not a problem though! I found a great guide to using service hooks with github to automatically deploy. I’ll definitely be setting myself up with github and this approach to deployments.


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  1. A year later and I’m now using my own Git server on my VPS. I use http://www.deployhq.com/ to deploy, and it works really nicely.